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Text Marketing Review

text marketing

Text Marketing

Text Message Marketing is growing quickly as a strategic means to target marketing. Contemporary marketing firms have improved the system with code validation software. The early days of direct text marketing are long gone as Opt in leads the way. The future of text marketing is going to hinge on customer service and how quickly & satisfactorily the work is performed for the client.

How quickly does the user get the coupon he or she signed up for? Consumers strapped for time or patience, want to resort to going home to get their newspaper or go on their computer to print out or write coupons and coupon codes. What customers want is a service where they can get a coupon the instant they find themselves in front of a restaurant they love or some place they are considering.

This is where targeted Text Marketing can offer a quick and on going solutions. When a customer discovers the businesses enticing opt in offer, chooses to opt in, then they can receive your text offers. Ideally you do not want to annoy your opt in customers with too many text messages but at the same time give them value.

Local business typically confirm the text offer, at the point-of-sale (POS) by requesting the customer to show them the text message on their phone. This can build an ongoing relationship with the customer for local businesses, increase & improve their brand image, and provide opportunity to satisfy their customers satisfied so that they will choose to come back again and again.

Each day, more & more local businesses are jumping on board and implementing this amazing technology. Text message marketing campaigns are usually done either by a Short Code (5 or 6 digit code) or Long Code (10 digit code) depending on the volume of messages and kinds of advertising a company will use.

Ideally the text offers and updates are restricted to 160 characters and a strategy plan is a good idea for following through. Before deciding on a Text Message Marketing company, a local business should compare SMS service providers.

The number of cell phones out there is staggering. There are more than four hundred million cell phones in use today. Smart phones are also saturating the market. If the average person watches around four hours of TV a day and spends around the same time or more around a computer, how many times a day are people around their cell phone?

Most people have their cell phones and smart phones around them all day long! Just imagine how much marketing potential that could be for your business if you were to have them as a subscriber to your text marketing services & specials. And if they are happy with your text offers, your business could grow virally as they tell their “two friends and so on”.

Companies and businesses can truly benefit from text marketing by sending either promotional content or discount coupons in a text message format directly to people through their mobile cell phones or personal digital assistants (PDAs). Businesses may also choose to carry out fraud protection to protect their brand image. They may also be eligible for discount promotional campaigns. These incentives can be beneficial to businesses offering text marketing.

When the customer sees an interesting local restaurant, spa or business, he or she would receive your texted coupon to their cell phone. They can opt in immediately without having to call in, go to a computer or send in a postcard.

Once the customer is subscribed, the business then has the opportunity to keep in contact with them. Having a subscriber base is like gold to a business, and sending short codes SMS through text marketing achieves just that. All in all, this form of marketing is a great strategic asset for any local business to have.

In today’s economy, Local businesses that are looking for innovative ways to have an edge over their competition. A well planned text marketing strategy, can provide an opportunity to reach out to existing and new customers with targeted marketing.

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Text Marketing Review