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The two information products that will be reviewed here are focused on using video as a marketing tool to bring in more leads, raise your conversion rates, and in general add to your bottom line without a large expense.

This differs from many products that attempt to lead you down the path of thinking that the number of views of your video is the only benchmark for your business. As a business owner, you should be concerned with how to profit from video, not just get eyeballs watching.

Bob Bly’s How to Profit from the New Online Video Craze is presented by world class copy writer Bob Bly. He edited the content, written by someone else. Bob has a huge following in the copy writing crowd, which says a lot. Copy is what sells, and if you’re good at it, you can sell a lot.

This eBook comes with one bonus: Online Marketing That Works by Bob Bly. Mostly it’s about email marketing and list building, which is still very important for your business success. A good bonus.

Now on to review the ebook:

Good stuff about the How to Profit from the New Online Video

  • The book weighs in at 69 pages including the cover page. That’s a nice length. Not too long winded, you can easily get through all the material.
  • Add Video 2 Your Site clearly sets out how to plan your video, tips for shooting your video, tips for editing your video, and how to upload it to the internet.
  • Layout is pleasant, and there is a clickable table of contents.
  • Price is $39, which is mid-range for ebooks these days, and if you need this information, that’s not a price that should stop you from purchasing.

Not so good stuff about How to Profit from the New Online Video

  • No pictures in the tutorial text. Screen shots of where to click are not included in the instructions on how to use the movie editing programs.
  • No video of how to make a video.
  • Not enough references to other video resource sites. Only one stock music site is mentioned, for instance.

On page 49, it is recommended to autoplay on your webpages. I thought that bad habit died with video. If you want to get someone to close the window as fast as you can say “click”, just set your video to autoplay. People do not like having their media autoplayed, especially if they are surfing at work! Leave that play button up to the visitor to click.

While the control issues discussed on page 50 sound important for an advertisement, web2.0 is about community. If people cannot leave comments, download your video, or add tags, you will be losing out on a lot of the advantage of video. I can see the interest in allowing only yourself the right to embed your video on your site, as someone might embed your video on a site that you find offensive.

The promise of lifting your conversion rate is made, but not much information is given about testing your conversion rate before and after.

If you want to affiliate market this product, the affiliate link does not go to the specific landing page, it goes to Bob Bly’s list of ebooks. This is not the best landing page for driving targeted affiliate traffic. For a book that starts off with a long winded discussion of what a landing page is, this is ironic.

This review is biased, because Video Marketing Success Book interviewed this author. They noticed the video sharing channel with video sewing tutorials, how simple the videos are, how many of them get commented on and rated, and interviewed this author when writing their ebook.

Video Marketing Success Book discusses your marketing plan, since converting your viewers is not the only use of video online. One of the most useful goals you can have with video is building your brand. With a small branded video channel, analytic tracking shows that there are searches for the site name itself!

Some Good Things About Video Marketing Success Book

  • Pictures in the how-to section of using the video editing software. A picture is worth a thousand words.
  • A video of what your screen looks like during a short movie edit is included as a bonus. A video is worth a thousand pictures.
  • Broad lists of references for different kinds of videos, resources, and places to get help online.
  • Discussion of how to use a video sharing channel to build your brand.
  • At 50 pages, this is an easy eBook to get through, also.
  • If you want to affiliate market this eBook the landing page is the pitch page. That’s a more targeted landing page for sending targeted traffic.

Some Not So Good Things About Video Marketing Success Book

  • The price. At $77.75, this is a steeply priced ebook.
  • Not enough discussion of even broader subjects like video responses on video sharing sites, video book reviews, and the use of video on auction sites. Bly’s book doesn’t discuss them either, but his promise is only about landing page conversion rates, not video as a marketing tool.

This eBook has everything that Bly’s eBook has, and more. The authors have also made a scaled down version that is targeted specifically at authors wishing to make their own book trailers (TM) (book trailers (TM) is a trademarked term by Circle of Seven Productions). No bonus video, and some of the extensive marketing ideas and techniques are removed that are not relevant to book authors. That scaled down eBook is $14.99, and has pretty much everything in Bly’s eBook except the information on using certain online upload tools. Plus, the scaled down author’s version can be affiliate marketed without the author’s pitch page, straight to the checkout.

So if you want to get started using video for your online business today, check out a good eBook about it today. Invest in your business with these step by step guides.

Robin Brown is a pen name for the owner of http://www.SewSing.com She sews regularly for her family and for fun. Visit the site for sewing information.

She has a video blog featuring video tutorials for beginners and those returning to sewing. The video tutorials get high ratings and a lot of comments. Some of the videos have been viewed over 30,000 times on a certain video sharing site. Those views included branding with the site name and a purchased stock music loop that is played in every video tutorial. All those views and branding were achieved with little more than time and effort.

Robin was interviewed for her lay expertise in producing videos for use in marketing a website. For more details on her review of the two information products mentioned in this article, see her review of two ebooks about making your own online videos

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